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Child holding hand with parent

Imagine going blind giving birth to a baby you will never see…

This unthinkable nightmare happened to Galit…

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Eden Taharari with her Guide Dog

Guide dogs for the blind

Guide dogs, a type of assistance dog, are trained to help people in life with vision disabilities. Also known as seeing-eye dogs, they are specifically trained to lead blind and visually impaired people, helping them navigate situations or obstacles they normally would not be able to.

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Support Dogs for PTSD - Achiya with Knight

Service dogs for PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is the brain’s response to a very traumatic experience. Specially trained PTSD Service Dogs can help people cope with this disabling condition. IDF veterans suffering from PTSD require a calm companion with the right temperament.

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Emotional Support dogs for children with Autism

Emotional support dogs for children with autism

Autism assistance dogs (we call our dogs ’emotional support dogs) are highly skilled working dogs that help to transform the lives of Autistic people and their families. Our autism emotional support dogs are life-changing for both the person with autism and their family

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Who you will help

Ruth and Roxi

“I am no longer alone, I can rely on myself – and Roxi – to do what I want.”


Ruth’s story

“Oslo is both my eyes and my therapist.”


Tatyana’s story

“Nike and I will do very well together. She will help make my dreams come true.”


Avi’s story

“Our first walk together was amazing. It was like gliding on air.”


Achiya’s story

“Isabel has been a true gift of independence to me.”


Monira’s story