Eden Taharari
WORKNational Service Volunteer working with senior citizens & teens
HOBBIESSinging & listening to music, content writer for social media outlets
PARTNERJema – female black Labrador

Eden is one of six siblings. She is the eldest and was born blind, which has resulted in her being fiercely independent. Her family have always been extremely supportive but Eden always wanted to be independent from an early age. At age 9 she suffered from emotional issues of loneliness and knew then that she needed to do something to change her life.

That change came in February 2021 when she was finally partnered with her guide dog Jema. Eden says, “Since Jema came into my life she has become my inseparable best friend.”

Eden has been singing since an early age as she finds this makes her feel positive and she loves both ethnic and pop music. She auditioned for Israel’s X-Factor talent show on television and came very close to appearing in the finals. She is very active on social media and has an Instagram account with over 800,000 followers.

Eden sums up her life with Jema by saying, “Jema makes me feel I can be anything I want to be!”

Jema makes me feel I can be anything I want to be!

A full guide dog partnership costs the Israel Guide Dog Centre £40,000 and our clients nothing, as we give them this service free of charge. To help us provide more trained guide dogs for people like Eden please donate today.

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