WORKFormer elite Special Forces unit
PARTNERLugo – male black Labrador

“I have seen things and done things that no one should ever see or do.”

After Benzi left his elite Special Forces unit of the IDF, he thought he would embrace a normal civilian life. However, Benzi was suffering from what is known as ‘an invisible injury’.

He pushed the emotions and traumatic experiences he had encountered deep down for many years, until something suddenly snapped. He flew into a rage as the emotions came rushing back throwing his wife and children out of the house, breaking all contact with friends, and locking himself into his bedroom for nearly four months. He became deeply depressed and even attempted suicide.

Finally seeking help, he was partnered with a PTSD service dog from the Israel Guide Dog Centre.

When he was introduced to Lugo, it was love at first sight. And Benzi describes how he immediately felt some of the stress leave his body. Now, when he has a nightmare or flashback, Lugo springs into action bringing about a remarkable change.

As a result, Benzi’s quality of sleep has improved, and his attitude has changed. He is reaching out and beginning to reconnect with his loved ones. In his own words “I’m seeing colours again, the air is fresher, and I’m beginning to return to life”.

I am seeing colours again, the air is fresher, and I’m beginning to return to life.

A full PTSD service dog partnership costs the Israel Guide Dog Centre £36,000 and our clients nothing, as we give them this service free of charge. To help us provide more trained guide dogs for people like Benzi please donate today.

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