Reading our dogs minds: How technology can help us to better understand our interaction with our four-legged best friends.

21st Century dogs find themselves in a digitised era, with new technologies aimed for our furry friends constantly emerging. But do we really know how to develop technologies when their user is an animal? Can we measure a dog’s love to its human? Can we tell what they’re thinking? Perhaps artificial intelligence can understand animals better than us humans, as we are limited in our senses and biased (and sometimes very anthropomorphic) in our views of animal behaviour?

In this talk we will get acquainted with the emerging disciplines of Animal-Computer Interaction and also discuss how technology can assist guide dog centres in improving the processes of raising future generations of successful guide dogs.

About the speaker: Prof. Anna Zamansky is the founder and head of the Tech4Animals Lab, which studies technologies for animal welfare, animal behaviour understanding and promoting human-animal relationships. She holds a PhD in Computer Science, and was a Marie Curie Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Technical University of Vienna before joining the University of Haifa.

Professor Zamansky is currently conducting research for the Israel Guide Dog Centre into the subject of how technology can assist in assessing a dog’s suitability to become a successful guide dog.