STATUSMarried with two children
LIVESOn a kibbutz
PARTNERSimon – male black Labrador

Itamar lives on a kibbutz with his wife and two children and is unable to work due to his PTSD, stemming from his IDF service during the 2014 Operation Protective Edge in Gaza. Itamar’s PTSD symptoms include difficulty sleeping and panic attacks. He also is startled by loud and sudden noises, avoids crowded places, and only travels familiar routes – all greatly restricting his options in life.

Since his PTSD dog, Simon, came into his life in August 2019, Itamar’s symptoms and quality of life have improved significantly – benefiting his family as well. 

According to Itamar: “There is no doubt Simon has helped ease the isolation I felt. We have a feeling of mutual concern. I care about Simon, and he cares about me. Simon is very connected to me and by my side all the time. He is very alert when I am in distress. Being by my side, Simon provides me with a sense of security.”

Itamar reports his feelings of anxiety and panic have been greatly reduced since Simon entered his life. “For example, when I am in bed and have a panic attack, Simon is quick to recognise it and doesn’t let go. He licks me continuously until the attack subsides.”

“With Simon, I feel hopeful now that my life is getting back on track.”

With Simon, I feel hopeful now that my life is getting back on track.

A full PTSD service dog partnership costs the Israel Guide Dog Centre £36,000 and our clients nothing, as we give them this service free of charge. To help us provide more trained guide dogs for people like Itamar please donate today.

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