WORKProfessional makeup & hair artist
HOBBIESGoing to the beach
PARTNERSuki – female yellow Labrador

A vision-impaired mother faces her challenges

I spent two challenging years working in an IDF Transit Unit. Yet nothing compares to the challenge of raising my twin five-year-old sons. I am always juggling cooking, cleaning, playing, and caring for them, along with my work as a makeup artist and hair designer helping others feel pretty. 

As a young woman grappling with gradual sight loss, it has been so important for me to maintain my outer appearance. Over the years, I have often heard remarks like, “You don’t look blind.” Yet as my vision continues to deteriorate, it’s become harder to help myself and others with their appearance. 

From the moment Suki, my Guide Dog, entered my life, I felt an overwhelming surge of joy. Her presence puts a smile on everyone’s face; my family, my clients, even people on the street. Suki quickly became an essential part of our family. Witnessing her deep bond with my children brings so much warmth to my heart. Together, we embark on adventures throughout Netanya, strolling through its streets and using public transportation – a task once agonisingly difficult with a cane. 

Thanks to Suki’s unwavering companionship, I finally feel my inner confidence matches my outer appearance. I no longer feel burdened by the label of an ‘invisible disability’. Instead, I cherish the label of busy mum.

From the moment Suki entered my life, I felt an overwhelming surge of joy – her presence puts a smile on everyone’s face.

A full guide dog partnership costs the Israel Guide Dog Centre £40,000 and our clients nothing, as we give them this service free of charge. To help us provide more trained guide dogs for people like Dalit please donate today.

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