No report on our activities in 2023 can start without referring to two defining events for the charity; the horrific terrorist attack on Israel on 7th October, and the passing of our inspirational friend and colleague, Martin Segal, our Executive Director, on 5 January 2024.

Despite his declining health, the October atrocity galvanised Martin to even greater levels of commitment to the Centre, in anticipation of the inevitable surge in demand for guide and service dogs that the months and years ahead will bring. 

The fact that 2023 ended with an extraordinary income total of close to £500,000 was something that made Martin very proud, and rightly so. 

Our activities going forward will build on his remarkable achievements in raising the profile of the Centre in the UK and channelling ever greater funds to Israel for its operations. 

In 2023 we sent £230,385 to the Centre to meet our annual commitment to its operational needs and to fund a number of special projects. 

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