STATUSMarried with one child
OCCUPATIONReflexologist & ceramic artist
GUIDE DOGRoxi – female yellow Labrador

When Ruth gave birth to her son Uriya, she experienced both the greatest joy and the deepest sorrow of her life. That day, she became the mother of a beautiful baby boy she’d waited nine months to admire only to discover she would never see his adorable face, his tiny toes or his fleeting smiles. During labour, Ruth went suddenly, completely, and permanently blind.

Though the blindness was sudden, she knew it was a possibility. Retinitis pigmentosa, a hereditary condition, caused her mother, her aunt, and her sister to become blind. Ruth remembered how much she hated leading her mother, with her long white cane, down a village road. “It felt shameful to me,”

she recalled. “I despised the pitying looks she received from people.” Ruth swore, as a young girl, that she would be a different mother – who would do things for her child and not the opposite.

Yet, Ruth’s new life was hard for her. She had to care for her baby, while her husband, a career soldier in the IDF, worked long hours. And every step of the way, she had to rely on her family and friends – or the humiliating white cane – to tap, tap her way for errands and to take her son to pre-school.

But she has always been an achiever – receiving degrees in human resources, marketing and sales. She practiced reflexology out of her home, while finding time to become an accomplished dancer, working with ceramics and sculpture, and participating in many sports, including biking and hiking. She decided nothing would stand in the way of achieving her independence.

She turned to the Israel Guide Dog Centre for the Blind and waited for the call to come. After more than a year, it did. And Roxi came into her life. “I am no longer alone,” she said. “I can rely on myself – and Roxi – to do what I want.”

Roxi leads her around obstacles, takes her to supermarkets and cafes, and most importantly, helps deliver Uriya safely to school.

“Now I am just a mother – like all other mothers.”

I can rely on myself – and Roxi – to do what I want.

A full guide dog partnership costs the Israel Guide Dog Centre £45,000 and our clients nothing, as we give them this service free of charge. To help us provide more trained guide dogs for people like Ruth please donate today.

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