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GUIDE DOGJeff – male Golden Retriever/Labrador

Eynav considers herself to be a stubborn person and a rebel. These traits have served her well – they’ve helped her complete her many university degrees, to travel all over Israel on public transportation with a cane and more. She has always been determined to do everything that other people do. Her family have encouraged her to do all that she can, have never felt pity for her nor allowed her to use her blindness as an excuse for failure. She lives with her family, loves learning and has a positive attitude.

In addition to computers adapted with a talking program, Eynav takes advantage of all the iPhone apps and other gadgets she can.

As a child she learned Braille and mobility skills with a cane. When she turned 16 years old, she started increasing her cane use to be more mobile. She began to write intensively on the Braille typewriter, and later on the computer to express her thoughts and feelings through writing. Eynav sees herself as a writer – it is her passion. Unfortunately due to incorrect ergonomics and the repetitive motions of typing, Eynav caused some damage to her hand.

Another passion is cycling. In the past, she participated in the sport with a group of disabled and non-disabled athletes but due to the hand injury, she had to discontinue. When she turned 18 she came to the Centre to try to partner with a guide dog but was unable to complete the process due to her hand injury. Since that time she has found some relief for her hand pain with the help of an alternative therapist. Eynav says that as her hand improved, her desire to become partnered with a guide dog became stronger when she realised that her cane mobility skills were not allowing her to be as independent as she wanted to be. Eynav felt she could have more independence being partnered with a guide dog and also gain a companion and friend. She has also started to cycle again!

She smiles when describing Jeff: “He’s very gentle even though he’s a physically big dog. Sometimes he tries to get away with things – he tests the limits and then I have to correct his behaviour. It’s a process we’re both going through right now.”

“The minute I touched the handle of Jeff’s harness I felt that it was the most natural feeling in the world – that he was connected to me; that we were connected together and that he was my dog. The instructors asked me to try another dog just to see if he would suit me, but I knew immediately that it didn’t feel right and that Jeff was the one for me and I was the one for him.”

Jeff was the one for me and I was the one for him.

A full guide dog partnership costs the Israel Guide Dog Centre £45,000 and our clients nothing, as we give them this service free of charge. To help us provide more trained guide dogs for people like Eynav please donate today.

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